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Thank you for visiting the St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Multi-Academy Trust (CMAT) website. We are a vibrant Trust of 21 schools – 17 primary and 4 secondary – serving young people, their families and parishes across Leicester and Leicestershire. We are proud to work both with our fellow Catholic MATs across the Diocese of Nottingham, and a wide range of other schools and MATs across our city and county.

Our CMAT provides innovative ways for our schools to work together. Children benefit from the expertise of staff from across the schools, and they have increased opportunities to work with young people from other schools also. Training for our staff provides even greater quality in our classrooms, and better value for money means that more resources can be focussed in those classrooms.

We are truly blessed to be a family of schools which, with Christ at the heart of all that we do, shares a common mission to prepare our young people for a wholesome, fulfilling, active life in the future. Our commitment to the parents is to care for, support and educate your child to the highest possible standards.

Please explore our website and Twitter feed to find out more about our Trust. God bless.

Neil Lockyer
Chief Executive Officer

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