Key Information

CEO: Neil Lockyer from 13/07/2018

Finance Director: Mike Hobbs from 13/07/2018

Financial Information:


Full Accounts 2018

Articles of Association

Deed of Variation of Funding Agreement

Schedule 8

Change of Name 2018

Full Accounts 2017

Full Accounts 2016

Full Accounts 2015

The Directors:

Director Name Appointed Term Business & Pecuniary Interests Meetings attended
Sarah Noon (Chair) 31/05/12 01/01/25 Family member works at one of the schools 4/4
Phill Bateman 19/07/18 18/07/22 Manager at Lloyds n/a
Ann Chukwudebe 19/07/18 18/07/22 None n/a
Michael Cummins 01/09/18 31/08/22 Director Cummins Solicitors n/a
Fr John Daley 01/10/18 30/09/22 None n/a
Mary Delahunty 19/07/18 18/07/22 None n/a
Christopher Reynolds 19/07/18 18/07/22 Director The Thirty Nine Steps/ Works at Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors/ Trustee of Rosehill School Association n/a
Terrence Smith 19/07/18 18/07/22 Director Haley Sharpe Design Ltd/ Managing Director Schlafli Grey Limited/ Spouse if Chair of LGB n/a
Brian Underwood 01/09/18 31/08/22 Youth for Peace Ltd (Charity)/ Son governor at St Peter’s Earl Shilton n/a

Scheme of Delegation – September 2018

Committee membership (chair in italics) 2018-19:

Standards Committee

Brian Underwood, Chris Reynolds, Sarah Noon

Finance Committee

Phill Bateman, Terry Smith, Sarah Noon

HR Committee

Mike Cummins, Mary Delahunty, Sarah Noon

Audit & Risk Committee

Terry Smith, Sarah Noon, Brian Underwood

Pay Committee

Chris Reynolds, Phill Bateman, Brian Underwood

Directors who served in 2017-18 but are no longer in office:

Director Name From To Role
Bernard Monaghan 07/07/2016 30/09/2018 Trustee
Catherine Lawe 01/07/2013 30/09/2018 Trustee
Catherine Murphy 14/10/2014 30/09/2018 Trustee/ Chief Financial Officer
Christopher Davies 28/01/2014 30/09/2018 Accounting Officer
Francis Fay 01/07/2013 30/09/2018 Trustee
Joan Anderson 01/05/2014 30/09/2018 Trustee
Katherine Cohoon 31/05/2012 31/08/2018 Chair of Trustees
Lisa Atkins 26/08/2014 31/08/2018 Trustee
Louise Baines 04/09/2017 11/06/2018 Chief Financial Officer
Louise Freeman 01/01/2013 30/09/2018 Trustee
Peter Blitz 01/12/2015 30/09/2018 Trustee
Priscilla Jordan 24/04/2017 31/08/2018 Trustee

Members of the Trust:

Member Name From To Business & Pecuniary Interests
Bishop Patrick McKinney 31/05/2012   None
Rev Martin John Hardy 31/05/2018   None
Jacqueline Rodden 01/09/2018   None
George Krawiec 01/09/2018   None
Sarah Noon 01/09/2018   None
Ken Daly 01/09/2018   None
Edward Poyser 01/09/2018   None
Rev John Guest 31/05/2012 31/08/2018 None
Rev Chris Thomas 31/05/2012 31/08/2018 None

Local Governing Bodies:

Please click here for more Local Governing Body details over the past 12 months.


Academy Chair Headteacher
Christ the King Catholic Voluntary Academy Mr M Wakely Mrs A Carter
De Lisle College – a Catholic Voluntary Academy Mrs E Smith Mr J Pye
English Martyr’s Catholic School – a Voluntary Academy Mrs J Washington Mr M Carney
Holy Cross School – a Catholic Voluntary Academy Mr G Hirst Mrs S Minford
Holy Cross Catholic School – a Voluntary Academy Fr D Rocks Mrs Gail Neil
Sacred Heart Catholic Voluntary Academy Mr F Fay Mrs L Atkins
Sacred Heart Catholic Voluntary Academy Mr E Hayes Mrs C Hayles
St Charles’ Catholic Primary Voluntary Academy Mr N Pearce Mrs R Elmore
St Clare’s Primary School – a Catholic Voluntary Academy Mr A Brine Mrs L Freeman
St Francis Catholic Primary School Mrs H Webb Mrs J Anderson
St John Fisher Catholic Voluntary Academy Mr J Stanley Mr A Gallagher
St Joseph’s Catholic Voluntary Academy Mrs K Howells Mrs A Leslie
St Joseph’s Catholic Voluntary Academy Mr M McGowan Mrs K McVea
St Mary’s Primary School – a Catholic Voluntary Academy Mr L Rollason Miss P Jordan
St Martin’s Catholic Voluntary Academy Mr J Connolly Mr C Wright
St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School Mr D Niven Mrs C Lynch
St Paul’s Catholic School – a Voluntary Academy Mrs L O’Brien Mrs M Gillespie
St Peter’s Catholic Primary School – a Voluntary Academy Mr J Connolly Mrs L Rinaldi-Oxley
St Peter’s Catholic Voluntary Academy Mrs Z Morgan Mrs H White
St Thomas More Catholic Voluntary Academy Mrs C Gribon Mrs C Crosse
St Winefride’s Catholic Voluntary Academy Mrs C Lawe Mrs C Murphy